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A Meme Curator is an online personality or Social Media account that focuses on reposting memes and content from multiple Meme Creators or accounts. Often times, Meme Curators can create Original Content (OC), but their main contribution to the memesphere is through reposting specific memes they tag as relevant, crediting smaller or anonymous creators and transferring memes from one platform to another (ex: from 4chan to Facebook). Meme curator accounts are characterized by high daily post counts, having a constant stream of content being delivered to the public at a high speed, compared to pages that exclusively post their own content, for instance. Their work is to select and organize memes in a certain way that is recognizable of their posting style, specific style of humor and sub-cultures that they and their community are inserted into.

Curator pages often become brands of recognition of a certain style of posting related to the administrators (admins) involved in the project, and it’s common for Curator Meme Pages to involve few page admins all working in tandem. It’s also common for these pages to repost memes their fans send them, as opposed to pages who only post OC.

While this is only a correlation and lacks scientific evidence, it seems that meme curators tend to share more memes related directly to their lives, personal problems and tastes, as opposed to Meme Creators, unless the meme creator directs an Interest Meme Page directly related to their interests. We often see Meme Curator Pages being very open about their problems in life, what causes move them, and communicating sincerely with their audience. They’re more likely to share and make posts related to causes they relate deeply to and breaking into sincerity.

Often times, Meme Curator platforms are an extension of the admin’s personality, and not a Persona or Avatar, opposed to Meme Creators, which tend to invest more time in developing a character for their online interaction.